Ettinabhuja trek is not difficult, rather it is fun!

But, you need a little more practice and a guide to start.The preparation is, first, a small mountain climbing, that , according to us was, savanadurga bald hill climbing.

Savanadurga is a small place near Dodda Aladha Mara spot.We did this small climbing for two Saturdays, and prepared for Ettinabhuja.



Driving from Bangalore to Ettinabhuja is very easy, straight Tumkur – Mangalore route, and that takes you to shakleshpur.Ahead of 10 kms, you reach Hunbal village.

That’s it!

We reached the spot around 11.30 night, and stayed in a wonderful place, which is a secret spot in the forest clearing. But, you have many nice places to stay around.You can erect camping tents too.



This is how we started, and I was the most inexperienced city guy for trekking kind of adventures.

My Trekker friend Arun guided me towards the route, and, while trekking in hills and valleys, what I experienced is that, only the starting point is the promising one.Once you start and reach in the mid way, in forest, all directions will look the same, you can’t go ahead and can’t come back.



Twice we lost the way and groped in the darkness, but found it back nevertheless!We have heard, that, people lost their way and roamed for days, and survived with water and dry biscuits.

If you do not want to become a jungle book character, then experienced guide is a must.You will notice elephant dungs on the route, when I saw that at first, that too in a narrow road, a very narrow one, I was rooted in fear.But don’t worry, it seems, the jumbo population is very less and the area is too big.

As the for the hunters say, the elephants are short tempered. You never know what they will do once they spot you.

Once, my friend said he drove 100 kms / hr speed in a road inside nagarhole forest to escape a charging elephant,and I said, 100 kms/ hr was not a big deal.He said, he drove reverse at that speed!!!



We did our trekking expedition in rainy season, and there was one advantage. You will surely finish the climb,because, Enroute will have thousands of leeches, and you will have to run in those dark places, lest, your feet will be covered by them.We have named this trip as Trekking, but, most of the places, we were practically running!

The places, where sunlight can not penetrate is the places where those leech factories formed! No matter how much I was tired, whenever I saw those cluster of leeches, I ran, mostly on the valleys, where at noon you can see hardly any thing as darkness envelopes.





To add more to agony, there were snakes, they too crossed the path. We saw a cobra mother and son? Or sibling!

No matter how much we walked, the Air was so pure and the waters were glass! So, the refreshment was beyond the words could convey!

Trekking is a great opportunity to torture your body and lungs. The amount of calories evaporates are beyond measure.Ettinabhuja is a calorie killer.

This trekking is a must for those who work in computing and other sedative jobs.

This will add fresh speed to your life style.