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Kenneth Anderson, Like Jim Corbett, was an avid Nature Lover.His Books inspire many though originally written 70 years ago.Those days, the wild life abounded and hunting was not prohibited. Many Kings have involved in Hunting, but none has the interest to document it for the future generations, whose chance of Hunting or learning about the Jungle folks were practically nil..

21st century dwellers like us are thankful for the wonderful insight of Kenneth anderson and Jim Corbett.Besides the interesting bedtime stories they have written, the true documemtation of clever jungle folks amazes us always, without their efforts, we would have missed all that joy of reading!!

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Social life of KA Villages

Kenneth anderson,was not just a writer of wild life.He explains a lot of social and economic details of the villagers that, he encountered in melagiri part of the Jungle.
He speaks about the marriages,Income, the Occult practices,Affairs and so on.We felt the importance of taking inspirations from his writings and stand in the places with interactions of traditions,food and help.
Unfortunately,Since his passing,the time and the developments just froze in those places.Some of the homes (if you dare to call them homes!) were downright scary.I sat looking at the ceilings all the time,so that, any signs of breaking.. i can flee.The idea is, getting to know the traditions of villagers and, yes, the occult practices of them in contemporary today.So..its gonna be a journey in coming days.

Trekking towards KA Land.

What happens when you immerse your thoughts with the spirits of the hunters of Old?
That too in a land,where those spirits roamed in flesh, ages before..
Each time a Ford machine rolled in the path,the spirits awaken!
KA EXPLORATION…deep digging! Coming up

Glorious Villages of Kenneth anderson

When you walk through the villages of his books,you might wonder why? that he did not prefer the villages of karnataka? Even though,they are not far in distance.

The seemingly nearest mullaianagari, kudremukh and places in malnadu are very greater in green than his preferred villages of sivanapalli,anchetty,aiyur and jowlagiri.

So,what might be the reason..?
One theory was, that,the other places including in and around mysore were often, off limit for hunters except nobles and kings.

So,our man has to start off from places like nobody is much interested,but, drool worthy.

We walked where He Walked…The footsteps been revisited

Unless you are a Hunter and the year is 1950, Going to these places All Alone, are quite risky and your exploration will only be skin-deep.

I will become a social person, when it comes to forest and associated risks. Again, convincing your friends for an old KA areas, (Just because, you’ve been bedazzled by his writing storm), is also not an easy task.. As, many ‘man eater’ territories he hunted are, not as famous, like Coorg and Nilgiris.

Why would someone spend time in a parched forest?

No one will jump and say ‘Yes’ to come along. I have taken extreme steps to get my friends on board. When we stayed in Aiyur forest lodge, we could actually feel the ‘eerie’ at night, wondering, how those starry nights, KA with his friend Eric, took a gooming in the spider valley, that too without weapons.

The Morning drive at kodakarai was an adventurous one, as the routes were not tarred at that time. My ‘drink and be merry’ type friends never anticipated the steep climb and curve; the thrill was really unexplainable.

Kenneth mentions the kodakarai forest bungalow and the exiled afghan king’s statements while he stayed there. When you drive through those areas, you will re live and you will be a time traveler.

People say, there is hardly any wild life in these territories…might be true, but what matters is, the topography. These places are still the same. Except, the villagers, now wear cloths and have Fanclub for actors.

I have been planning to go to gundukottai, where the panther of sivanapalli narration incites. Somehow got hold of a Byra of 2018, eagerly would like to locate the panther’s exact cave where honey bees stung KA and his Dog.

Let me be a detailed man.!

Megamalai weekdays trip-Team Bhp follow up.


Megamalai is a secret place until 2008, Though, this place is charming with natural abundance, the accessibility was restricted to private tea estates. The Roads were unusable and filled with stones, and were narrower. Recent years, the Government took over and the roads started improving and Finally IMPROVED!

While Planning this trip, the first thing I have done was, Checking it in Team bhp touring Portal. I have read, that, the road was still bad. We took a chance and moved towards.

On hill climbing, the lighter car performs better.So, i have borrowed my wife’s Alto. The drive is from MADURAI – ANDIPATTI- THENI – CHINNAMANUR – MEGAMALAI  in just 3 hours.(All inclusive)

Alto on the Move. Effortless driving!

We Live in a dynamic world, your planning should be very quick. Otherwise, it won’t happen!

I have convinced my three other local  friends in a flash, by, telling them, it’s a day trip and we will come down as soon as we climbed up. But, My evil idea was to stay for a night, and, get to see the early morning mist. When you are trip organizer, you need to be a qualified liar as well.

All agreed, and all of them got the go ahead from their spouses, and, offices where they work!

First things first, The Road is New and beautiful.This is the latest update. Team bhp, Please update your forum.

Plastic roads! Nice to move.But take small cars! No need of SUV.

No shops en route! [ Later we found,that, there are tea shops], So we had packed the food from the megamalai base, called chinnamanur.

All are Mobile phone clicks.No expectations this time!

The Drive was very Good! In a blinking of the eye, we have reached the spot. Now the sight seeing!

  • You have Dams built around! Have a wonderful walk. Megamalai is a water world!
  • There are trekking paths leads to the Megamalai wild life sanctuary
  • You can visit the Tea estates, and they will give you a grand tour.
  • The world’s most beautiful! estate bungalows are there to stay and enjoy the Mother Nature

The beautiful scenes started showing up on the top of the hill driving. You wont believe that, you have arrived in 3 hour drive from Madurai, a city which formed by fire and brimstone.


This unexplainable Joy can still be explained…The Wives are not around!

The Estate bungalow, Tea factory and the wild life area are only accessible through A JEEP, OR AN SUV.Because,the road does not exist…you are expected to create a road and move.Hiring a Jeep would cost you a grand 2.5 k for a distance of 7 kms one way.


If you are a gang of friends, You can stay in Government Buildings for a dime..But all of them are crappy abodes. Staying in Chinamannur or Theni and make a early morning visit to Megamalai is worth a billion dollors.
If you are with a family, Then, Woodbrior bungalow will be superb!at a cost of 10k for 4 people.

Megamalai Wood Brior group Staying facility

Signing out for now!