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Kenneth Anderson, Like Jim Corbett, was an avid Nature Lover.His Books inspire many though originally written 70 years ago.Those days, the wild life abounded and hunting was not prohibited. Many Kings have involved in Hunting, but none has the interest to document it for the future generations, whose chance of Hunting or learning about the Jungle folks were practically nil..

21st century dwellers like us are thankful for the wonderful insight of Kenneth anderson and Jim Corbett.Besides the interesting bedtime stories they have written, the true documemtation of clever jungle folks amazes us always, without their efforts, we would have missed all that joy of reading!!

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The Aiyur, and Jowlagiri

Bangaloreans are truly blessed, as, most of the KA expeditions are in hosur forests.

He might have explored and hunted in,areas like kemmengundi, badra, agumbe, nilgiris and coorg..But,the folklore in hosur malagiri region are exceptional.

The occult practices, the thrill,and a close proximity to bangalore is just astounding.Our man was always a mute spectator to all those occult practices those days.More over, the people make even more difference in your expeditions.

The Aiyur,Jowlagiri,anchetty folks are still backwards and cling to their ancester concept of minimal living.

There are tribal settlements in inside areas i have travelled.

Ps.Latest pictures of Aiyur,and Jowlagiri.

Old hunter and guide Muniappa’s grave

Inside the grave

Their association makes the insignificant people to stardom.
Shikari guide MUNIAPPA grave under this mango tree planted by Don anderson.The second mango tree is weathered now.
This tree falls under a private estate which I genuinely trespassed! In order to click.

Jowlagiri at night

Jowlagiri and surroundings are a piligirimage place for Kenneth fan boys!

These wait a bit thorn forest in full moon day is enchanting!Kenneth made friends and guides in his lifetime here.

Those primitive friends were a shadow for him in all his night adventures with their tent, machan and tea making abilities!

When i been invited today, for a night vigil in these not so explored dense area, i was so thrilled,jumped and said “yes”. Being a hero is one thing and just a fan is, an another thing.

As, just a fanboy,I can not even think of ghooming alone at night.This forest is full of thorns and in the event of elephant chase,one can not even walk comfortably, let alone running!

With forest guards and a solid jeep,i find a great solace.This place was once a man eater territory and now an elphants paradise.While the jeep was moving,I kept looking at the crackers they stocked inside.

Wild life is active at night,as the deers,and bisons are spotted frequenty in Jowlagiri.The elphants are quite shy and are short tempered plus unpredictable in most cases.That’s the reason why, many of our techie brethern go to jungle trekking and dont come back.As,many times i have heard foresters say,that,the elphants do trap people.

Kenneth has mentioned their nature in many of his stories.

The driving at minimal speed was a blessing in disguise,as i am not a strong hearted guy.The thrill and fear is a great combination that, you can enjoy once you come back to safety,but not in the happening spot.

There are many water holes and one looks like the muniappa’s favorite one.I have taken a location note clearly.Planned to visit at late evening tomorrow to get a golden hour photography.

Social life of KA Villages

Kenneth anderson,was not just a writer of wild life.He explains a lot of social and economic details of the villagers that, he encountered in melagiri part of the Jungle.
He speaks about the marriages,Income, the Occult practices,Affairs and so on.We felt the importance of taking inspirations from his writings and stand in the places with interactions of traditions,food and help.
Unfortunately,Since his passing,the time and the developments just froze in those places.Some of the homes (if you dare to call them homes!) were downright scary.I sat looking at the ceilings all the time,so that, any signs of breaking.. i can flee.The idea is, getting to know the traditions of villagers and, yes, the occult practices of them in contemporary today.So..its gonna be a journey in coming days.

Trekking towards KA Land.

What happens when you immerse your thoughts with the spirits of the hunters of Old?
That too in a land,where those spirits roamed in flesh, ages before..
Each time a Ford machine rolled in the path,the spirits awaken!
KA EXPLORATION…deep digging! Coming up