Unless you are a Hunter and the year is 1950, Going to these places All Alone, are quite risky and your exploration will only be skin-deep.

I will become a social person, when it comes to forest and associated risks. Again, convincing your friends for an old KA areas, (Just because, you’ve been bedazzled by his writing storm), is also not an easy task.. As, many ‘man eater’ territories he hunted are, not as famous, like Coorg and Nilgiris.

Why would someone spend time in a parched forest?

No one will jump and say ‘Yes’ to come along. I have taken extreme steps to get my friends on board. When we stayed in Aiyur forest lodge, we could actually feel the ‘eerie’ at night, wondering, how those starry nights, KA with his friend Eric, took a gooming in the spider valley, that too without weapons.

The Morning drive at kodakarai was an adventurous one, as the routes were not tarred at that time. My ‘drink and be merry’ type friends never anticipated the steep climb and curve; the thrill was really unexplainable.

Kenneth mentions the kodakarai forest bungalow and the exiled afghan king’s statements while he stayed there. When you drive through those areas, you will re live and you will be a time traveler.

People say, there is hardly any wild life in these territories…might be true, but what matters is, the topography. These places are still the same. Except, the villagers, now wear cloths and have Fanclub for actors.

I have been planning to go to gundukottai, where the panther of sivanapalli narration incites. Somehow got hold of a Byra of 2018, eagerly would like to locate the panther’s exact cave where honey bees stung KA and his Dog.

Let me be a detailed man.!